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The purpose of this project is to create a tool that can help kids analyse various images

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Project was based on David Soto's work on Melanoma Risk Assessment . For details about this project:

Technical Info


This tool has been designed only for educational purposes to demonstrate the use of AI/Machine Learning tools.


To create simple Image Analysis System for kinds

  • Under the mentorship of Sven Maričić (UNIPU), a group of students from various studies designed it and then, using a 3D printer, developed a nursery-friendly microscope. The look of the microscope was completely original and inspired by the letter S in the glagolitic script, helped by the Zagreb designer Dinko Tolic.

  • Students and students of manufacturing engineering, computer science and pre-school education were involved in the design, and the former Maričić student Dalen Bernac was also involved in the development of the software, which is - blind. When the microscope was over, preschool teachers were presented under the guidance of Nevenka Tatkovic's Preschool Preschool teacher at the Kindergarten Pula, gathering information on how the children of that age respond to it. After encouraging results and positive reactions, the authoring team will produce thirty copies of this original microscope and divide it into pulse nurseries, and then experience the development of a more sophisticated model for elementary schools.

  • Integrating microscope with web based AI analysis system was done with help from Drenova Creative HUB team.

  • Project recently qualified for finale of My Zaba Start - where Zagrebačka Banka through various competitions supports the most innovative and market-based ideas with a positive impact on the economy and society.

Project visuals



Results are categorized in three types:

  • Hm, try again with another image: Images with lower than 50% of reckognition probability.
  • Quit sure ... : Images with a reckognition probability between 50% and 90%.
  • I know what it is !: Images with a reckognition probability than 90%.

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Image to analyze must be as close as sample image. Be carefull with the focus because blurry images can cause wrong results.


Mole Image

The analysis result is:

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